About Us

It has been a weird ride... We started this journey a few months before the historical 2020 toilet paper shortage AKA Covid. We've seen the best and the worst of starting a small business in an incredibly compressed timeframe. The one thing we have learned is that the world isn't as bad as we thought. Through all of it, people came together and helped one another in new ways. We met new people, tried outside of the box ideas, even learned a few things along the way. Needless to say we made it this far! Who wants to get Faded with us?
We plan on bring you much more then just stuff to buy. Our plans involve full lines of growing products along with videos and guides for the novice to the master grower. Custom swag from pipes to coffee mugs or maybe you need the coolest custom backpack in town?
We want to build a community and a way for us to connect so we will be utilizing social media and local pop-up events to build our brand and make life long connections.
If you have question about products hit me up at Chris@livefaded.com! We have access to anything and everything!